englisch_kinderLearning English can be a piece of cake.

Learning a new language is never easier than as a child. Children are eager to learn and discover new things – provided that they are promoted.

The Fun-tastic English Club provides the basis for fun learning. While playing games, singing songs, doing various craft work and interacting with each other, the children absorb the new language in a stress-free environment. The children are divided into classes according to age, also taking any previous experience with English into account. We offer groups from the ages of approximately 2,5 years up to 16 years. Our groups are limited to eight children and take place from Monday to Friday. 

Our mother-tongue English speaking teachers guarantee a high standard of instruction and our teaching materials enable the children to learn English the same way that they have learned their own language. 

Give your child a head-start in communicating with the world!

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