At the Fun-tastic English Club kids and adults learn the English language in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

What we offer:

  • playgroup/pre-school for kids from approximately 3 – 5 years
  • courses for kids from the age of 4 (incl. special courses for kindergarten kids)
  • courses for teenagers
  • conversation courses for adults (incl. special courses for Best Agers 50+)
  • vacation courses for kids from 5 – 12 years

Our features:

  • our teachers are experienced and all are native speakers
  • class size is limited to 8 children
  • our teaching material enables students to learn English the same way that they have learned their own language
  • children learn in a stress-free atmosphere
  • we continuously offer new courses

Our goals:

  • to utilise a child’s natural ability to learn a new language
  • to demonstrate that learing is fun
  • to build a rich vocabulary step by step
  • to teach correct pronunciation and intonation of the English language
  • to introduce children to a foreign culture and its traditions